Creating eye-catching, impactful content is the most fundamental part of holograms.


This can be from simple projections to detailed real-time data - and anything in-between.

To secure a projection with the maximum holographic visual impact is a creative process, exploring how best to present the product or service, while mixing in key messages and USPs.

Hologram animations can either be stand-alone - i.e. they appear in the empty display unit with no other material present - or can they take place around a physical product placed within the unit. (For example, a small-scale model or an actual product unit can be placed in the display unit – and a range of accessories and visual effects can be projected on to the unit by holographic means).

For a truly unique experience, it is important to also make use of sound effects, lighting levels (e.g. where the LED lighting in the unit is varied to embed the hologram into the viewing space) and special effects such as light rays, particles, moving text and rich imagery can also be added.

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Where we have previously supplied clients with flat-screen animations, various options exist to repurpose this material for hologram display – as well as saving money, this also provides consistency between different elements of a client’s marketing material.


Examples of holograms with product inside the unit


A creative project for Saatchi Healthcare showing the history and work behind one small tablet

A retail tech demo showing the holographic effects on a metallic surface

Christmas hologram promotion

Examples of holograms without product inside the unit

A product sequence showing the various equipment the client produces

Produced for Analox Sensor Devices, this hologram identifies their key products and how they are deployed

A multi sided hologram showing the composition of Techflow business units and the product they manufacture


 Other services

We design and supply of the full range of digital tools – from dashboards and user interfaces, to apps, animations and holograms. Our products are:

  • developed in selected formats (app, animation, hologram, VR/AR, UI or dashboard) and
  • delivered through chosen channels (mobile, tablet, PC/Mac, touchscreen, Oculus, Dreamoc, cloud).

Our digital products have many uses, including:

  • Operations (data management, operating system dashboards, real-time displays)
  • Sales (apps, touchscreens, animations)
  • Customer assets (interactive digital product manuals)
  • Training tools (e-learning, immersive simulations).


Many clients combine the use of hologram units with our interactive software players. These are drill-down touchscreen systems with a rich amount of content on products or services, including embedded words, PDFs, images, animation or videos. The hologram supplies the wow-factor, but visitors can then drill down into detail using an adjacent touchscreen system. Learn more, click here

Client work and Installations