• We normally deliver small and medium-sized hardware (hologram units) to clients in the UK via courier and can generally be delivered within a week depending on stock levels.
  • Ultra large-scale units like the 360 XXL are custom manufactured and take longer (normally around 8-10 weeks).
  • Animations for the hologram units are normally produced anywhere between three days to six weeks from order.


  • Hardware: we are the trusted UK partner for Realfiction and deliver anywhere in the UK. We also deliver globally, but may use local suppliers and agents to do so.

  •  Animations: we design and supply animations (for holograms or otherwise) anywhere in the world

Viewing options:

  • The hologram images are viewable from 3 or 4 sides depending on which unit you buy. As well as all kinds of animated effects, you can create true 360-degree views of products, or show cut-away views on one or more sides - or views of something completely different.
  • To show multiple products: have a row of hologram units, each one showing a different product - or get a tablet controller for a single unit allowing you to selectively call up product animations.
  • Units come with inbuilt speaker options; soundtracks can be turned down or off, or animations produced without soundtracks at all.
  • Animation content; it is sometime possible to re-purpose or enhance footage from pre-existing 3D product animations.


  • The guarantee is provided by Realfiction and is for 12 months from the date of purchase except for a limited warranty of ninety (90) days on the transparent glass/plastic reflectors in the  product portfolio


  • The Dreamoc HD3 supports the following formats: H264, MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1.